We’re here to help wherever we can

Whether you are buying or selling we have built up a valuable list of contacts that you might find helpful.  Whether it is currency exchange, the sale of an existing property, removals recommendations or a trusted lawyer that you need, we can probably help.  Give us a call and we’ll be happy to share our contacts with you. 

Two of the most common requests are for selling a property and for a reliable and professional currency exchange service.  Read on for more detail…

Smart Currency Exchange

If you are moving currency from, say, sterling to euros, you’ll need a currency exchange specialist.  When you are thinking of buying, the rate you get can affect how much you have available to spend and, if selling, it will be a factor in how much you receive at completion. It’s obvious when you pause to think about it - which many of us didn’t.

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TSEA Services

When you’re moving home within your own country chances are you know where to find all the related services you need.  And if you don’t know, a friend or someone in the family will have a good recommendation.

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Buying or selling property is life-changing. We get that, so we pride ourselves on our personal, supportive and professional service.

Your feedback is always welcome – if you want to share, we’re listening