Meet the Spanish Estate Agent Team



Maggie originates from London but has been living on the Costa Del Sol for 8 years.  Maggie offers over 30 years business experience covering social media, marketing, HR, training, and recruitment.  Maggie joined our marketing team with a focus on creating and promoting all our social media campaigns and helping bring together the right person with the right property.

Meet Maggie:

Why did you move to Spain?

I love London and what it has to offer but I felt like I needed a new lease of life. I was always crammed on a tube at 7am every morning and never got to see daylight. The sun, sea and all that Spain had to offer was a much better environment for me.  I love living in Spain and whenever I do have a stressful day I can look out of my patio doors and look at the beautiful views and think ‘life is not so bad’.  It beats looking out my window and seeing a block of flats.

What are you most proud of?

My son would be at the top of my list and I have recently become a grandmother to a beautiful little girl called Hollie. 

What do you love most about marketing?

I love the creativity and coming up with exciting new launch ideas.   I also feel a huge sense of achievement when seeing my clients start growing and becoming more profitable, just through creating a good social media marketing campaign.

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From white-washed villages and hanging geraniums to sparkling glass-walled villas, the Costa del Sol marries modern life with traditional style.  Let us take you on a tour to discover the very best of the region