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Topics will range from schooling your kids in Spain to tips on how to travel to the Costa del Sol, from insights on properties for sale to helpful advice on legal issues. But we also want to share events and culture, to show how wonderful life can be in the area around Estepona, Marbella and Malaga.

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Testimonial for Tony Reddin

Created: Tuesday, 20 June 2017
Written by Julie Savill

I just wanted to express our thanks for the absolutely brilliant service we received from The Spanish Estate Agency and in particular - Tony Reddin.
From meeting Tony first thing in the morning and spending a very full day, to early evening viewing a wide selection of properties, nothing was too much trouble for him and he certainly kept us entertained travelling between viewings with his wide knowledge of all things Estepona. We were on a tight timeframe and Tony had prepared well for our tour, only selecting the villas that best suited our specific requirements and budget. We had a lot of questions and his advice was invaluable; from internet speed to electricity charges he knew almost everything and what he could not answer he found out about. Arriving at the final property during early evening, we think Tony had kept the best until the end – the last villa was perfect and ticked every box for us.
The completion and handing over of the keys was at the notaries office on May 22nd, however, Tony’s input did not end there, he went on to help with everything from where to buy a television to giving us a hands-on demonstration of how to clean the pool – all, after we had bought the property. That’s true service.
We are now the proud owners of our first Spanish home and are delighted with it. Again, many thanks to Tony and the rest of the Spanish Estate Agent's team.

David and Mary Dixon

Sold! By The Spanish Estate Agent

Created: Tuesday, 20 June 2017
Written by Julie Savill

Fancy a room with a view? Recent clients are waking up in this new apartment, purchased via The Spanish Estate Agent.
Contact us for more amazing properties in the Marbella area.

Testimonial for Shirin Sharifi

Created: Monday, 12 June 2017
Written by Josy Williams

We were recently contacted by a client who told us the following:

"You are the third agents I have contacted for information, and may I say how refreshing it is to be provided with all of the relevant information I needed in your email, especially concerning what you can do and want to do for us. We have not received anything like this from the other agencies we have contacted. It has taken over 48 hours for them to reply to our e-mail!"

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, and are very happy to be able to provide this for our clients


Testimonial for John Jenkins

Created: Friday, 02 June 2017
Written by Thirza Visser

Our client expressed the following to John Jenkins after their purchase of a property in Spain: 

"Par la présente, je tiens à vous remercier pour toute l aide que vous nous avez apporté dans la recherche de notre appartement sur la Costa del Sol. Je remercie tout particulièrement Monsieur John Jenkins pour ses recherches, ses propositions ciblées quant à nos désidératas, sa ponctualité lors de nos rendez-vous, son professionnalisme, ses conseils et sa gentillesse toute naturelle. Grâce à lui, à vous, nous avons facilement pu réaliser notre projet.
Je ne manquerai pas de renseigner votre agence pour toutes ses qualités. Je suis certaine que vous donnerez encore beaucoup de satisfaction à de nombreux clients."

Translated: "I would like to thank you for all the help which you gave me in my search for our apartment on the Costa del Sol.  Particularly thanks to  John Jenkins for his work, his suggestions targeted to our wishes, his punctuality, his professionalism and his kindness. Thanks to him we have easily found our property. I would not hesitate to recommend your agency and I am certain that you will continue to look after all your clients."

Contratulations to John for this successful sale!


The Tuna Route

Created: Monday, 22 May 2017
Written by Thirza Visser

This month it is all about the Atún Rojo de Almadraba (Red Tuna of Almadraba) in Andalusia. During this month different villages, Barbarate, Zahara de los Atunes, Conil and Tarifa, host a Tuna Route. All participating restaurant present a special tuna dish or tapa.

Tuna fishing is a 3000-year-old tradition in this region and is special because of the technique used by the fishermen. In the month of May the tuna fish go from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea via the Street of Gibraltar to lay eggs. To catch the best tuna, the fishermen put their 'almadraba', a system of nets, in the water in the Street of Gibraltar. This system of nets is made in such a way that it only catches the most mature fish. Instead of bringing in the nets to collect the fish, a few divers enter the water. When you would bring in the nets, the tuna will feel fear and give off a substance that spoils the flesh. Therefore, to guarantee the best quality of tuna, the tuna are being quickly killed by the divers. This tradition of working is seen as a sustainable way of fishing. You can read all about it in this article.

Last weekend was the Tuna Route in Zahara de los Atunes. For six days the narrow streets were full of people, there were dancers on the corner of the street and the restaurants served their best tuna tapa on the terrace, from traditional toast with tuna and bruschetta to tuna cheesecake or even

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The beauty of Malaga!

Created: Wednesday, 17 May 2017
Written by Thirza Visser

Malaga was nominated the the best city to live in Spain in 2014 and in 2016 it was the only Spanish city in the list of the ten European cities with better quality of life. So this is the right city for your next city trip or your move! The city of Malaga is easy to discover by foot. When you walk through the small streets and discover the beautiful plazas, you will see the rich history of the city which resulted in a mixture of Moorish, Roman and Spanish architecture. One of the buildings you will see when you wander around is the Cathedral, which you should definitely enter. The Cathedral is a perfect example of the city’s history, with its baroque, gothic and neoclassic influences.

In the centre of the city you can find the Roman theatre. This is one of the oldest theatres that dates back to the Roman times. Through the museum, where they explain the history of the theatre, you can enter the remains of what once was a centre for entertainment of the Romans. Just behind the Roman theatre you can see another place of interest, the Alcazaba, which was built by the Moors. The Alcazaba with its high walls turned Malaga into a fortress. When you enter the remains of the fortress, you will see the beautiful gardens with orange trees and you will have amazing views over the Roman theatre, La Malagueta and the port area.

Next to the Alcazaba, on the same mountain, the Gibralfaro castle is located. Although there is a corridor that connects both buildings, you have to enter the castle via an outside route. It will take you about 20 minutes to climb the mountain and reach the castle. It is definitely worth your energy to go up there, because it gives you amazing views over the city! You can wander around in the old castle and the courtyards and take a walk on the wall of the castle. From up here you will have stunning views over the city from all sides. Near the entrance you can find a centre of interpretation,

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Things you need to know before moving to Spain

Created: Monday, 08 May 2017
Written by Thirza Visser

Are you thinking about moving to Spain? This will mean a lot of changes. Here are some things that are useful to know when you are moving to Spain.

First of all, Spain is the most tourist-friendly country in the world and therefore an excellent choice to build your new life. Spain has beautiful landscapes, beaches and a rich cultural history. Just think of the Alhambra Palace in Granada which dates back to the year 889 or the Mezquita Cathedral in Córdoa, which is a wonderful example of Islamic art. Both places are definitely worth a visit. Also, Spain has a rich cuisine. Enjoy a tasty paella at the beachside or go out for tapas and wine in a local bar in the center of town. For more information about cultural sights, typical Spanish food and festivals you can take a look at the Spanish Fiestas website.

Good to know is that the day is divided differently in Spain than some other countries in Europe. The morning goes up to 2 pm and the afternoon until after sunset. Also, it is normal to dine after nine o'clock in the evening. In general, the Spanish have breakfast between 7.30 and 9.30 am. After that they have a mid-morning snack at 11 am, followed by a lunch between 2 and 4 pm. The afternoon snack is between 5.30 and 6 pm and dinner is served between 9 and 11 pm.

Regarding time schedules, you must have heart about the oh-so-famous siesta. This is definitely a part of Spanish life, although it is becoming less common in the big cities. The siesta implies that some shops close their doors between 2 and 5 pm. However, they will remain open until late, especially in summer.

When moving to Spain, knowledge about the Spanish language is important. Even if you only speak a few words of Spanish, it will be appreciated. Here you can find some tips that can help you learn a new language.

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Experience the adventure in the Costa del Sol

Created: Wednesday, 03 May 2017
Written by Thirza Visser

We share the view that Spain is the most tourist friendly country in the world. The Costa del Sol has a lot to offer, just think of the long coastline with its beautiful beaches, the traditional Andalusian white villages, the marinas and the mountains. All these assets make it an idylic place to build a new life, a life you've always dreamed of.

Besides the activities, such as outdoor dining on your terrace, walking along the promenade and strolling through the narrow shopping streets, the Costa del Sol has many more adventurous activities to offer. For example hiking. Hike through the beautiful mountains that surround the coast. Once you've reached your destination, all your efforts will be rewarded by the stunning views. In the mountainous area of the Costa del Sol there are numerous walks that lead you to unique locations. An example of such a hike is the tour on La Concha, the most famous mountain of Marbella. This hike is perfect for nature lovers and will show you a unique side of Marbella. Also, you will come across the beautiful olive groves, pine trees and walnut trees and if you are lucky you can spot the Spanish goat, eagles and owls. On the website of Marbella family fun you can find the route of this astonishing hike.

By bike is also a great way to discover the mountains.

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Good news for buyers in the Costa del Sol!

Created: Wednesday, 26 April 2017
Written by Thirza Visser

The increase of the price of the properties is good news for property buyers in the coastal areas in Spain. The market has turned around, with a growth of 6,4% annually, as explained in this article in El Mundo. The increase is sustained by the economic recovery and the return of domestic buyers. But, most of all, because of the international demand, with international buyers constituting 80% of all sales. The area of biggest interest is the coastal area, where there is a considerable increase of demand, with the highest increasing price rates in Manilva, of 15%, and Marbella, of 11,3%. The restoration of the balance between supply and demand will result in a properly functioning property market.

Although the prices of properties is increasing, the market is not inaccessible, while properties in the Mediterranean coast still cost 45,5% less than in 2007. In addition, there remains good value for money along the Costa del Sol. New builds offer a new product of better quality, efficiency and sustainability than some properties built before 2007. Due to the good value for money and the increasing property prices, Spain remains one of the most attractive countries for real estate investment.

Are you thinking about buying a property in the Costa del Sol? Now is the time to go for it! Our friendly property consultants would be happy to help you in your search for a property that matches your needs.

Properties in Marbella or properties in Estepona?

Created: Thursday, 30 March 2017
Written by Josy Williams

On your search for a new home in the south of Spain, it can sometimes be tricky figuring out which area is going to fit you and your family's lifestyle best. A little self-reflection is essential when making these types of decisions. But you also need the best information that is relevant to you! Here I'm going to talk about some aspects of two very popular towns with some fantastic apartments along the Costa del Sol. If you need any more information, our sales agents are always here to help.


The area covered by Estepona is deceptively large: its official borders extend far north of the actual "centre" of town. It covers an area of coastline of over 15kms! If a property is listed as being in Estepona, it may be far from the historic quarter, so ask the question if relevant. With such an extensive coastline (21kms) and an advantageous microclimate (affording Estepona with 325 days of sun per year), it is perfect for those wishing to make the most of the beach and who aren't that fussed about the nightlife. Estepona itself remains relatively untouched by the tourist industry, in comparaison to other places such as Marbella or Puerto Banus.

There has been huge investment recently into the aesthetic presentation of Estepona town, which is an absolute pleasure to wander through with its colorful tiled and flower-filled pedestrian streets. Aside from the old-town feel, Estepona is known for such beaches as Playa del Cristo and to the west, one of the most popular naturist beaches around, Costa Natura.

Estepona has excellent clinics, schools and services, and the same goes for Marbella. However, Estepona has received massive renovations in the past few years, with the Orchid House (that just hosted the amazing blooming of the extremely rare "corpse flower", the first of its kind in Europe) and flowery historic centre which is a treat to walk through as you search for murals and poems that are scattered throughout the town. These promote slightly more "out of the way" tourism, rightly so! Marbella tends to have a glamorous reputation, whereas in fact its culture scene is just as vibrant as in Estepona. 


Marbella has a slightly richer history than Estpona and is bigger, so there are many opportunities for enjoying the warmth of the evening while you walk down cobbled streets and enjoy the decorative flowers that line its plazas. Its international appeal is undeniable, and is reflected in the wide choice of eating options (you won't find a vegan restaurant in Estepona!), more traditional chiringuitos but also Michelin-star restaurants. People come from all around the world to enjoy what Marbella has to offer. 

The beaches are incredible, and the reputation they've earned over the decades holds true. You'll have to see them for yourself!

This town also has a justified reputation for its party lifestyle, however its history dates back to Roman times, and it continues to have a rich cultural side to its character as well. The climate is very stable by virtue of its microclimate created by the mountains, also forming the backdrop for the city, which hold back all possible bad weather, offering sunshine filled days for most of the year.

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Harnessing Social Media: 8 Ways Facebook Can Help You Start Your New Life On the Costa del Sol

Created: Thursday, 09 March 2017
Written by Josy Williams

Social media is becoming more and more intricately linked with our personal and professional lives, and at The Spanish Estate Agent we are acutely aware of this. If you found us via our Facebook page, welcome! Facebook is no longer just for sharing pictures and chatting with your friends - you can now find and sell just about anything there, did you see the viral story about someone who tried to sell their baby on Facebook?! Now, that is an extreme example, but it just goes to show that nowadays many people's first resource when they have a question is social media. This is particularly true when it comes to local knowledge! We pride ourselves on market expertise and local knowledge, which we certainly supplement through the local Facebook groups we have joined (shout out to Manilva Coffee Chat!). How can you work this to your advantage? Here are my personal favorites:

1) Build your community  

Moving to a new place is nothing if not scary - for one thing, what is it going to be like to live there? Who will I be able to rely on in times of need? Before you even pack your bags, you can join local Facebook groups with a simple click and post there with any concerns, queries or general conversation starters! Other expats know how difficult it can be to integrate into a completely new and unknown community, so harness the online tools available so you don't feel too lonesome when you arrive. 

2) Find people with similar interests 

The Facebook groups you join could be targeted towards specific interests, but in your local groups, if you post a question asking if anyone else likes crocheting/shot putting/dog grooming, you'll be that much closer to finding events and people who share those same interests! 

3) Make money selling things you don't need 

For this one, you may want to post specifically on selling groups, so don't forget to read the rules and regulations associated with each group before you post. The benefit of posting to local groups here, is that you can sell your cupboard or TV without having to carry it or send it anywhere, normally people are willing to come and pick the items up from your home! This takes a lot of the inconvenience out of selling. You can get creative about the items you sell, too, whether it be old baby clothes, plants, DVDs or even your own crafted goods! 

4) Ask and give advice and recommendations

These types of posts are the most commonly found on local Facebook groups: "Does anyone know the best local plumber/taxi driver/private chef?". People love giving advice so you're sure to get some quick responses, especially in groups with many members or tight communities. 

5) Find and rate local businesses and freelancers

As I mentioned above, businesses are noticing that social media is an excellent place to find and engage with potential clients (guilty as charged...) so having a look through who's posting what could give you an idea of what kind of restaurants, gyms or expat markets might be out there. Since many groups are targeted to a certain community, find yours, and you'll be able to point your wallet towards businesses with good reviews and that represent your values!

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Good News For Spanish Property Buyers: Spain received more UK visitors in January than the previous year!

Created: Monday, 06 March 2017
Written by Josy Williams

As Spain continues to regain its financial feet after the devastating crisis, the tourist sector is one that has enjoyed growth for the past few years and new figures show that this is also the case in 2017! The industry figures show that over 10% more tourists chose to travel to Spain in January of this year than in 2016, when almost 4 million people went to Spain on their holidays. This is an important factor to take into consideration if you are looking to buy a Spanish apartment on the Costa del Sol. Perhaps you'd want to target the UK market with a new business venture along with your property, so what are the figures for those?

The UK tourist market is undoubtedly huge along the Costa del Sol, with many businesses catering to it, but how can we expect it to grow? According to the data released last week, 15% more tourists from the UK visited Spain in January 2017 than in the same month last year. Almost 800,000 British people made their way to the sunny sparkling beaches we know well, as well as to historic pilgrimage sites and metropolitan party-towns. The number of UK citizens made up over 20% of all of the tourists in Spain.

Other countries are also traveling to Spain in spades - rates of tourist arrivals also rose by 23% and 35% for Ireland and the United States respectively. It is interesting to note the relative lack of growth in other EU tourist markets like German which only slightly rose and France, which dropped a little.

In the light of these new statistics, it seems like a great time to consider buying one of the gorgeous properties for sale on the Costa del Sol and start your business that may benefit from these booming tourist markets, that aren't set to slow down any time soon.  

How Can I Take My Pet With Me to My New Apartment on the Costa del Sol?

Created: Tuesday, 28 February 2017
Written by Josy Williams

On the long list of things to consider and sort out before your big move abroad may be your precious pup or cute kitten. How can you legally and safely transport your pet? What do you need to arrange in order to take them on a plane? What kind of documentation and vaccinations will your pet need? Thankfully, we have some answers for you, based on this Expatica article, which you can refer to for more information. This website also has lots of useful legal information! When planning for your move into one of the amazing Costa del Sol houses for sale, you will want to consider the following things.

Firstly, does your pet have its passport? Yes, your dog can have a passport just like you, and it is mandatory for traveling to the EU. This document contains vital information about you, your pet, their last vaccinations and their microchip number. This will assure their entrance into Spain, which has strict rules for vaccination dates. If your kitten or puppy is less than three months old, they are exempt from vaccination regulations, but there are others that must be met. Other pets (that are not cats or dogs) have to fulfill a different set of requirements, so do your research before traveling with them.

Aside from these legal requirements, there are even more awaiting for you at the airport! If you are putting your animal in a kennel in the hold of the plane, this must meet standards set by the International Air Transport Association. Check with your airline before you travel. If your pet is small, you may be allowed to take them in the cabin, and their container must fit under the seat in front of you.

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Obtain EU Residency Through Buying A Spanish Villa on the Costa del Sol - The Golden Visa

Created: Saturday, 25 February 2017
Written by Josy Williams

Last year's Brexit referendum result brought a lot of uncertainty to the idea of moving assets abroad, and the actual consequences are still being sorted out. We still do not know to what extent this will affect Brits moving to Spain, but this news may have led you to consider alternative options if you would like to live and move around the EU unhindered by potential lengthy visa processes, enjoying all of the advantages that being a part of the Schengen zone brings. So if you are among the numerous UK citizens who are hunting for apartments for sale on the Costa del Sol, you may want to consider the following option in order to not lose out if the Brexit negotiations do go unfavorably for you.

One of the possible alternatives to EU residency and citizenship is to obtain a so-called "Golden Visa". In Spain, this means either a €2 million investment in Spanish Government Bonds, a €1 million investment in shares in Spanish companies or, if you aren't quite a millionaire yet, you can buy a property worth  €500,000. There are various conditions to be met in order to obtain such a visa, as detailed by this article.

For the moment this may just be something to consider, as it is only viable for non-EU citizens, and us Brits are still officially EU citizens. However, if this situation changes, it can be good to know what options are still available for those of us who would still like to reside on the continent some, or all of the time. It is also good to know that if you do opt for this visa, it is not obligatory for you to reside full-time in your new home. You will have to visit Spain at least once per year in order to renew your resident card, but that's it! You will also be able to take your family, work in Spain and are not even obliged to pay taxes in Spain if they do not wish to. If you choose to, and renew your residency every 2 years, you will also be able to obtain Spanish citizenship after 10 years!

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The Benefits of Buying Property on the Costa del Sol: Beauty - it's good for you!

Created: Thursday, 23 February 2017
Written by Josy Williams

One of the top draws for tourists and expats looking for Costa del Sol homes for sale is beauty. Of course the natural beauty of the countryside is the first thing that one thinks of, but the local traditional architecture is also lovely to behold. Why is it that we are so fascinated with beauty? There are a variety of reasons that contribute to this. The first of which is that it simply makes us happier!

Researchers have found that looking at beautiful art correlates with strong activity in the part of the brain related to pleasure. It makes us feel good, in the same way as looking at a loved one makes us feel good! Of course looking at a painting in a museum is not the same as looking over the sea at mountains below, but one can make the aesthetic connection fairly easily.

Some colors have also been associated with higher cognitive activity. Other research has shown that even just glancing at green "can boost creativity and motivation". This may be because green is the color of vegetation that in our ancient past would have been associated in our minds as nourishment. So, not only is looking at a lovely landscape good for you mood, it's good for your productivity too!

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Sign Spotted in Puerto Banus

Created: Tuesday, 21 February 2017
Written by Josy Williams

Spotted outside Marbella, near Puerto Banus last week! 

Beware all irritating husbands, this could be your fate ;)

Have You Stopped to Think About Healthcare?

Created: Friday, 17 February 2017
Written by Josy Williams

How is your search for Costa del Sol properties for sale going? Moving to Spain is exciting, fun, scary and overwhelming at times! It can feel like you're forgetting something important, and thankfully most issues simply take some planning and common sense to overcome. However, something that may have been keeping you up at night is healthcare. In the UK you are guaranteed NHS coverage, but you may be wondering, what happens to this coverage in Spain?

It is first of all important to let the authorities know that you are moving to Spain, and getting registered correctly upon arrival in Spain. The first step in doing this is obtaining your NIE number, and then going to your local health centre and asking for the corresponding paperwork and advice. You may want to recruit an interpreter for this, as the presence of a member of staff fluent in English will not be guaranteed in every centre, though some do have volunteer interpreters.

If you are staying temporarily, you may want to register with EHIC which provides healthcare coverage to some degree or another for all EU citizens throughout the EU. You will get a card which will allow you to register with a GP and obtain care. However, if you are staying on a permanent basis, you will have to register for proper healthcare. You will be able to be advised on how to do this in a health centre. In this case you will receive a tarjeta sanitaria (health card) which will serve the same purpose as the EHIC card, on a more permanent basis. This may take some time, but you may need it! In any case, you will have to make sure you have correct health insurance in case of an emergency - you don't want to be stuck with a huge hospital bill just because of forgetfulness!

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Témoignage client pour John Jenkins & Chloe Williams

Created: Wednesday, 15 February 2017
Written by Josy Williams

Après l'achat d'un appartement sur la Costa del Sol, ce client nous a remercié de la façon suivante: 

"Je tiens à vous remercier, en particulier à Monsieur John Jenkins pour ses recherches, ses propositions ciblées quant à nos désidératas, sa ponctualité lors de nos rendez-vous, son professionnalisme, ses conseils et sa gentillesse toute naturelle.

Grâce à lui, à vous, nous avons facilement pu réaliser notre projet.

Je ne manquerai pas de renseigner votre agence pour toutes ses qualités.

Je suis certaine que vous donnerez encore beaucoup de satisfaction à de nombreux clients."

Félicitations à John et Chloe pour encore une vente fructueuse et un autre client satisfait!


Spanish timetable: Even the Spaniards think it's a waste of time!

Created: Tuesday, 14 February 2017
Written by Josy Williams

Us expats often bemoan the strange timetable that Spain follows, though one does adapt and come to understand it over time. Starting the day later, taking the afternoon easy and being more active in the evening makes sense when it's boiling hot, which makes sense in the southernmost tips of the country, but does it make that much sense in Madrid? Or Asturias? These more temperate environments may not necessitate this large break in the middle of the day, and many people have expressed their concern that this may be damaging productivity and even the happiness of inhabitants.

The Olive Press published an article detailing the findings of a study by a sociological organisation named Ulises. The findings are quite astonishing - many of us may have experienced an impassioned Spaniard defending this unique daily timetable, but apparently over 90% of Spanish people would prefer a "normal" British working day from 9am to 5pm.

This makes sense also from a timezone perspective. Spain is mostly west of GMT and yet is in the same timezone as Poland, almost 3000km to the east. A majority of polled Spaniards would like to change this, to be aligned with their neighbour, Portugal.

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Testimonial for Tony Reddin

Created: Monday, 13 February 2017
Written by Josy Williams

Following their purchase of a property in Spain through our sales consultant Tony Reddin, our clients expressed the following to him: 

"We wanted to thank you so much for all your help and assistance with the purchase of our new property here in Spain. Your professional approach, knowledge of the industry and complete understanding of our requirements made this task much easier for both my wife and myself. I have a friend in the UK who is also looking to buy a property in Spain, I will share your details with him when the time is right. Many thanks for your assistance, I wish you all the very best for the future"

Contratulations to Tony on another successful sale!


Moving overseas for love

Created: Saturday, 11 February 2017
Written by Josy Williams

Perhaps you met someone abroad or you simply fell in love with a place and decided to make it your new home, but relocating with a partner or for a partner can be a tricky life decision to navigate. If your partner has gotten a new job in a different country, following them into uncharted territory can seem like a daunting task. Moving abroad is a big change, and doing so for a partner can feel scary. If you are on the look out for Spanish apartments for sale on the Costa del Sol with your partner, you may both have some concerns you'll have to discuss, when you're not bubbling with excitement at your new life!

Many people wonder what their new work life will look like. The BGRS 2016 Global Mobility Trends Survey found that only 20 percent of accompanying spouses worked while their partners worked overseas. Preparing for the worst but hoping for the best can be helpful in this situation, as you can never know what to expect, but a positive attitude is important! Finding a new job can be tricky when you’re in a new country, and you may have to think about different career avenues. This can be very fun though! Go in with an open mind and don’t give up hope.

This can be a stressful time for people in a relationship, but if you both go in with realistic expectations and plans, as well as a strong willingness to support each other through a time of transition, you will be more likely to succeed! You can take control of your own move, even if you are the “trailing partner”. It’s all about making the most of the situation. So whether you are feeling daunted or excited, there are many things to take into consideration when moving for love. But with the right mindset and plan, you can make it work for everyone! We believe in open communication here at The Spanish Estate Agent, so when you get in touch to discover all of the gorgeous houses for sale on the Costa del Sol, we will be happy to discuss any concerns you may be having, and help you address them head-on!

The first ship that sailed around the world is back!

Created: Friday, 10 February 2017
Written by Josy Williams

The Victoria "was a Spanish carrack and the first ship to successfully circumnavigate the world". The original trip was made in 1519, starting in Seville, and returned three years later to Sanlucar de Barrameda (in the Cadiz region of Andalusia), after traveling 68,000 kilometres, or around 42,000 miles. After various other voyages, it was eventually lost at sea around 1570.

The replica that departed in direction of Malaga on Wednesday was finished in Chile in 2011 after a long construction process. It will be opening its doors to the public in Malaga from the 10th to the 19th of February before embarking on the grand tour that it will make around various countries in Northern Europe. 

Visitors to the replica of this 16th century vessel will be transported to the golden age of navigation, which holds maritime, touristic and cultural heritage with it wherever it goes. The realistic details within will ignite any young adventurers thirst for knowledge, and you will find out how crew members made a life for themselves on this vessel during their long voyages. 

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Spain - a great place for expats!

Created: Wednesday, 08 February 2017
Written by Josy Williams

The Independent recently posted an article which detailed the top 17 countries that expats live the happiest lives in. The top 10 includes Costa Rica, Thailand, New Zealand and Spain! Spain is actually the only European country in the top 10 list.

Some of the reasons for the high rate of expat happiness in Spain could be the cheap cost of accomodation, food, drink and transport, which are significantly lower than other Western European countries like the UK.

Aside from the lower costs, the weather is glorious, especially on the South coast. The article mentions good job prospects and decent pay which indeed are getting better year by year. In fact, Spain showed strong economic growth last year and is set to improve!

If you are thinking of buying one of the beautiful properties we have for sale in Calahonda, Marbella or holiday villas all along the Costa del Sol, give it a go! Or ask one of our friendly sales agents for advice if you have any questions about the move. 

El Caminito del Rey

Created: Saturday, 04 February 2017
Written by Josy Williams

El Chorro is a haven of beauty and tranquility around an hour and a half north of Málaga, perfectly accessible for those who are looking for apartments for sale in Estepona, and who enjoy climbing and other non-beach activities! Aside from the breathtaking turquoise lakes, climbing, hiking and camping attractions, it is also well known for El Caminito del Rey - the King's Walk - which opened in 1921 by king Alfonso XIII who walked along its path and gave it its name. 

It had since fallen into disrepair, and gained the reputation of being one of the most dangerous hiking routes in the world due to the dizzying heights and precarious holds. After some casualties, the walkway was closed, and the first 30m were removed so that it was no longer "walkable". It became an "unofficial" climbing destination, reserved for only the most experienced and sanguin climbers, yet it continued to claim lives.

However, in 2012 a serious effort was made to restore the walkway in its entirety, and it is now open to the public in all its glory. The hike takes about 3 1/2 hours and is accessible to almost anyone who is able to walk 2.9km comfortably, and the walkway is surrounded by 1.5m high railings, so the risk involved in the undertaking has been dramatically reduced.

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Costa del Sol breaks records!

Created: Friday, 03 February 2017
Written by Josy Williams

Last year, the hotels on the Costa del Sol hosted over five million visitors, more than ever before! The number of UK nationals also grew, and it is hoped that 2017 be an even better year for the area.

Another record was also broken last year on the Costa del Sol: The Malaga-Costa del Sol airport "showed a 16.4% increase in passenger numbers to the region compared to 2015". This is good news for people traveling to the area, who may see new routes added due to its popularity! Airlines predict that 2017 will be another record-breaking year for foreign passengers. 

To top off a year of records, the Malaga Public Library saw 200,000 new members joining, as well as an increase in books loaned out and visitors to its events! While you're on a viewing trip to see some of our wonderful apartments for sale on the Costa del Sol, you'll most likely fly into Malahga, so we recommend visiting this almost two hundred year old institution and checking out the plentiful international section if you enjoy history and literature!

The brand new beach-side walkway continues to roll out!

Created: Tuesday, 31 January 2017
Written by Josy Williams

For the past few years, a walkway by the beach has been under construction, that is planned to be 22 kilometers long, meaning that the whole length of the coast along Estepona will be connected by an uninterrupted path. This will be part of a bigger project to connect the coast all the way from Nerja to Manilva, which may take much more time due to land ownership constraints and construction permits.

The president of Costa del Sol Tourism, Elías Bendodo, said that the construction of this pathway shows that "the Costa del Sol is offering continuous responses to the demands of tourists whose ideas and desires are becoming clearer and stronger every day".

This pathway will be ideal for long walks along the beach, enjoying the natural beauty of the area. It will connect luxurious urbanisations to beautiful old villages with quaint bars and restaurants. The cyclists who are often encountered in pelotons on the motorway will be able to enjoy a safer and more beautiful ride. Those of us living along the coast will have a stronger connection to each other and to gastronomical, cultural, artistic and sporting delights.

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Why do us expats buy properties on the Costa del Sol?

Created: Monday, 23 January 2017
Written by Josy Williams

Buying a property is always a big decision, and buying a property abroad is an even bigger one. So why do so many people decide to leave their home comforts and decide to start hunting for Costa del Sol properties? This may be because of the 320 days of sun a year, or the numerous entertainment options available, the laid-back lifestyle, abundance of good schools, health services and improving infrastructure... It depends on the person! But here are just a few reasons why people may look to re-locate to the sunny southern Spanish coast.

First of all, it is much easier to enjoy life when the sun is shining and the days are long. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real problem for those of us who hail from the northern-most European countries, so many British, Dutch and Scandinavian people have come to us looking for property for sale on the Costa del Sol - it tends to be more affordable than property where they come from, so many decide that instead of sinking their hard-earned cash into holiday rentals, they can invest in properties for sale in Estepona, Fuengirola or Marbella. Plus, with so many expats with the same idea, you won’t be alone out here.

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Exchange rate news

Created: Thursday, 19 January 2017
Written by Tim Williams
Following Teresa May's comments on Tuesday, the Pound initially dipped and then recovered yesterday in one of its strongest days since 1998 against a basket of currencies.
Against the Euro, the rate has stabilised - at least for the short term at around 1.16, close to midway between recent highs at 1.19 and lows around 1.11.
In terms of Brexit, we are only at the stage of opening skirmishes, with the UK government seemingly setting out its its negotiating stall in a comparatively aggressive way, stating that the EU "needs" the UK as a trading partner more than the UK needs the EU, and in turn that a trade war, or at least the inability to play nicely in terms of reciprocal trade agreements, would be to the greater detriment of the EU than the UK. This has inevitably provoked a rebuke in the European press, citing "Little England" mentality.
The market tends to set psychological "rounded" levels for currency exchange rates. With the Pound/Euro at the moment those levels seem to be 1.10 and 1.20. The rate is fluctuating*, but once breached, is expected to break out one way or the other.

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Beach culture in Spain

Created: Wednesday, 18 January 2017
Written by Josy Williams

What does a day at the beach mean to you? For many Brits, this can seem like a somewhat futile pursuit, what with the traffic, the unpredictable weather, the faff of loading all items you might possibly need whilst at the beach (sandwiches, chairs, balls, brollies, the list goes on…), the inevitably expensive ice-creams and mundaneness of the same beach year-in, year-out.

However, moving to Spain will change all of this. I can tell you from experience that it is a life-changing moment when you realise that all you need to pack in your beach bag is keys, a towel, a bottle of water, sun-tan lotion and a book. If you buy one of numerous and amazing Spanish villas for sale on the Costa del Sol within 5 minutes of the beach, you won't have to worry about preparing for every possible contingency plan, you can just pop down for a couple of hours, bob around, lounge a little, and then get back to your day!

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Winter activities on the coast!

Created: Monday, 16 January 2017
Written by Josy Williams

Spain is a classic summer destination, famous for its beaches and general warm-weather activities. 

However, it is also a wonderful place in the winter, especially if you are in tourist-dense areas that usually receive heavy footfall during the summer months. These few months of lower temperatures also bring tranquility and if you live there year-round, you will feel more like a local than ever! 

Many British expats choose to spend the festive season with their relatives in the UK but maybe you have also got visitors looking to escape the bitter northern cold, and you may be scratching your head as to what to do with them in the time of year that many seasonal activities or attractions are closed. 

Spain Property Guides has some answers for you! The author of the article is an expat living on the Costa Brava, but their advice still applies to those who are looking at homes for sale on the Costa del Sol or who are already living here! If you are thinking of making this your full-time residence, it's good to have some tips to keep yourself occupied during the winter.

They mention visiting inland villages which I think is one of the best suggestions I've heard. Take the time during the cooler months to make your forays inland, where it is normally more stiflingly hot than the coast during the summer. The white villages of Andalucia are world-renowned and are certainly worth a visit. 

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Stylish, comfortable and ideally placed beachfront development

Created: Friday, 13 January 2017
Written by Josy Williams


Created from the development of the iconic Cinema House movie theatre in Fuengirola, these stylish, OFF PLAN apartments are located in one of the prime positions in the historic town.   It is a fabulous local situation in a quiet leafy street and yet close to many popular restaurants, cafés, bars and 150m WALK TO THE BEACH and short walk to the train station.  This is an ideal holiday home or permanent residence which offers owners the latest building standards including high levels of thermal and sound insulation to make your life as COMFORTABLE AND PEACEFUL as possible. The 3-bed, 2-bath apartment is designed with the latest in materials with amazing interior finishes.  With space and light throughout, you will enjoy living in this contemporary property with full air conditioning, home-automation systems and video entry. The kitchens are fully fitted with microwave, dishwasher, fridge-freezer, oven and a washing machine and tumble dryer. With fantastic leisure facilities including a heated pool, the property comes with access to the Gym and fitness area. Completion is scheduled for autumn 2017.  Malaga International Airport is only 15 minutes by car or access with easy public transport.

Full details here


Hone your language skills quickly and easily!

Created: Wednesday, 11 January 2017
Written by Josy Williams

If you are looking to buy Marbella real estate, be it for a holiday home, an investment or your new permanent family home, you may be looking to pick up some Spanish language skills to help you along the way. 

It's also a really fun way to look into another country's culture! Plus, knowing a bit of the local lingo during your search for holiday villas on the Costa del Sol may be of help to you, to be able to have a proper chat with the current owner or your potential neighbours. 

So why not start learning for free and forget the lessons, by downloading Babbel, an app you can download onto any of your devices and get started with the basics. 

Firstly they ask you a couple of questions to get to know you a little bit, as well as a short assessment of your current language skills - whether you want to learn French, Spanish, Italian, German, or any other languages they have for offer (and there are many!).

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Testimonial: Tony's unparalleled singing voice!

Created: Monday, 09 January 2017
Written by Josy Williams

We recently received this e-mail from Vincent who bought a lovely apartment through our sales consultant, Tony.

"Dear Tony,

The lawyer you recommended to me is doing an excellent job.

We will complete next week.

It was a pleasure working with you and I hope to do more business with you in the future.

And in all the other agencies there was nobody who could sing like you can :-)

Kind regards,


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An unexpected upgrade!

Created: Thursday, 05 January 2017
Written by Josy Williams

Imagine... You've just had a wild night out with your friends and you wake up bleary eyed and queasy to a blaring alarm - you're going to miss the flight! You dash to the airport, hours late, discover your flight has been delayed, the other passengers put on an earlier plane and when you're put in yours, you have the entire plane to yourself!

This incredible story actually took place last month, as unbelievable as it may seem. Three British girls residing in Gibraltar were bumped up to business class and served champagne on an exclusive flight home for Christmas, courtesy of British Airways. The plane that would normally have carried 150 people at full capacity flew with only 3 paying passengers.

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Another successful sale at TSEA!

Created: Saturday, 05 November 2016
Written by Julie Savill

Villa with large and mature garden overlooking the beautiful and ancient village of Monda in the Sierra Blanca mountains.  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to view similar properties!

Recently sold!

Created: Sunday, 23 October 2016
Written by Julie Savill

Spacious villa with guest apartment in a privileged position 100m from the coast.  Swimming pool terrace with large covered dining area. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to view similar properties!

Testimonial for Chloe and Gem

Created: Thursday, 20 October 2016
Written by Julie Savill

Vi and I would like to thank you for showing us around various properties in the Estepona area and for your very professional way in handling these viewings

Another one sold! By The Spanish Estate Agent!

Created: Sunday, 16 October 2016
Written by Julie Savill

Luxury frontline beach penthouse with Moorish influence.

Next door to renowned golf club

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Prices from just under €800 per square metre!

Created: Friday, 14 October 2016
Written by Julie Savill

BRAND NEW SELECTION OF TOWNHOUSES. Located 5 minutes drive from Estepona's beautiful beaches, marina and town centre. With cream marble flooring, reversible air-conditioning, ensuite bedroom with jaccuzzi bath, fireplace in the lounge. Large private basement garages with electric up and over doors, plenty of storage space throughout. Spacious shady terrace for an outdoor living and dining area to enjoy the beautiful climate of the Costa del Sol all year round. Terraces off each bedroom. Landscaped gardens and two swimming pools. PRICES RANGE FROM JUST €154,500 - €292,000 WITH BUILT SIZES RANGING FROM 195m2 - 350m2 PRICES IN THIS DEVELOPMENT START AT JUST UNDER €800 PER SQUARE METRE.

Full details here

Record year for tourism!

Created: Wednesday, 12 October 2016
Written by Asset Folio

The summer season promises to easily break last year’s record figures for visitors. Costa del Sol tourism authorities calculate that over 6.2 million people chose Costa del Sol resorts for their holiday this summer with an impact of around €5.94 billion on the local economy.

Hotels on the Costa del Sol have had the best summer since the crisis and the figure of 2.4 million hotel nights in July was the highest in Spain. Other accommodation such as holiday lets also experienced an extremely busy month. And what’s more, tourists are spending more time on the Costa del Sol – July’s average of 4.5 days was the second highest in Spain, behind just the Canary Islands. 

This has lead to renewed property development  and hotel investment.

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Property Bargains on the Costa del Sol

Created: Wednesday, 31 August 2016
Written by Chloe Williams

Whether you are looking for a modern apartment close to the sunny beaches of the Costa del Sol, a stylish apartment near the busy Marina of Puerto Banus or an investment opportunity which offers you great holidays but also a good rental income, there are bargains to be had across the board.

A particular development comes to mind. It's a typical story. Construction was stopped on a development that was being built, because of the economic crisis of 2008/2009. As the economy started to pick up, these townhouses were bought by an investment group. They finished work on the properties, landscaped all the gardens and outside areas, finished off the swimming pools and started marketing the properties. The pricing of these properties has been set to offer the best value in Estepona. At only 800€ a square metre, these 3 bedroom/2 bathroom townhouses have got the most incredible features – air conditioning throughout, underfloor heating in the bathrooms, double glazing, electric roller blinds, ensuite bathroom with jacuzzi bath, wardrobes in all bedrooms, marble floors, spacious covered terraces, underground garages with electric up and over doors... The list goes on and on.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for full details of these well-priced properties

Other property bargains include the famous bank re-possessions. Many of these properties were left very much unloved but have now been re-styled and refurbished and are still great value for money. In Estepona a local architect has taken on several apartments and has created stylish, low cost investment properties or second homes. Do not hesitate to come into the shop for a chat about these properties - one of them may be perfect for you!

Property for sale in Estepona – what's moving now!

Created: Wednesday, 31 August 2016
Written by Chloe Williams

In Estepona these days there is a great choice of property from traditional village houses to modern apartments overlooking the sea and pretty villas in the countryside around the town. It pays to come with an idea of the kind of property you’re looking for and where you want to be, though at The Spanish Estate Agent we are happy to show you a variety of properties so you can get an global view of what is available.

If you are looking to move on a permanent basis, you may be more attracted to spacious homes with large terraces and possibly a pool to enjoy the healthy outdoor lifestyle on the Costa del Sol. A well-constructed villa with sea views that you know that you will enjoy living in for many years to come may be just your cup of tea.

If you are sporty, perhaps you’ll be keen on golf complex apartments. With a micro-climate second to none, you can be sure that there will be plenty of golf played throughout the year. As an added bonus, many properties on golf developments also waive your green fees and club membership if you buy a house there!

For an investment, we have found that modern apartments are popular, where you can enjoy the golf and lovely weather in the Spring and Autumn and maybe rent out during the hot summer months to families who love the swimming pool and beaches.

Many exciting new townhouse developments are also attracting the discerning buyer. These are often excellent value for money and offer a great opportunity to buy near Estepona.

Exchange rate flash!

Created: Tuesday, 06 September 2016
Written by Tim Williams, Finance Director

Due to the recent strength of the Pound, the exchange rate just touched (and bounced off) 1.20.

This is a psychological level more than anything, and if sustained, will be in the news.

Low Maintenance Property – Village houses in Estepona

Created: Wednesday, 31 August 2016
Written by Chloe Williams

With so much property for sale on the Costa del Sol, it’s difficult to decide on a specific area, but you should certainly consider Estepona.

Estepona is rightly famous for its beautiful old quarter in the heart of the town – full of quaint cobbled streets, shady squares to enjoy a cool drink in the summer heat, and pretty houses covered in bougainvillea flowers.

For many people, the character of the town is the real pull. It has been jealously guarded and its “Spanish-ness” is a heritage to be proud of. The most traditional Spanish village houses are not lavish properties with high walls to keep your neighbours out, but they are friendly homes, cheek by jowl with their neighbours. The Spanish tradition of a vibrant community is due to their open way of life and openness to everyone around them.

The traditional village houses in Estepona are typically 2-3 bedrooms, with perhaps a small courtyard or solarium (sun terrace) on the roof, but opening straight onto the lane where you might put a chair and some pots full of flowers and where you'll sit and watch the world go by or chat with the passersby.

For many people looking to buy a house on the Costa del Sol, they don't want to be isolated from the world but to enjoy being able to walk out every day to go the local shops, enjoy a traditional breakfast of thick, delicious hot chocolate and churros, sip an evening drink before supper, truly engage with their local neighbours and friends. With no large gardens and easy to maintain properties, this is a great choice for a holiday home or permanent move.

Classic Spanish recipes: Pickled olives

Created: Friday, 02 September 2016
Written by Joscelyne Williams

If you have sat in a Spanish bar and ordered drinks, you may have been offered or simply directly brought a little plate of algo para picar (something to nibble on), as is the tradition in Spain – particularly in Andalucia. Making your own tapa to serve guests that you have over for drinks is a lovely touch at dinner parties!

Makes 10 tapa portions

500g can or jar of whole unpitted green olives
4 whole garlic cloves
1 lemon or bitter orange
1-2 sprigs of thyme
1 tbsp coriander seeds
1 dried fennel stick, broken into short lengths
1 small glass of sherry or wine vinegar

Drain the olives and bash them lightly with a rolling pin. Carefully burn the garlic on a naked flame until the papery cover blackens, then crush a little. Cut a slice from the middle of the lemon or orange and reserve, then chunk the rest.
Pack the olives, garlic and chunked lemon or orange in a screw-top jar, sprinkling in the aromatics as you go, then add the vinegar and enough water to cover. Top with the lemon or orange slice to keep the olives submerged. You should not need extra salt – the preserved olives are usually salted enough.
Lid tightly and keep in the fridge for at least a week. Bring them up to room temperature before serving.

From Tapas: Classic Small Dishes from Spain by Elisabeth Luard

Partly cloudy!

Created: Thursday, 01 September 2016
Written by Julie Savill

Shocking news and images just in from Tony Reddin on the Estepona team. They get clouds down there, too.

Sterling on the way back!

Created: Thursday, 01 September 2016
Written by Tim Williams, Finance Director

The exchange rate between the Pound and the Euro has started a post-Brexit vote recovery.
This morning the rate is close to 1.19, having recovered from 1.15 in the middle of August.
This is due to better than expected economic news and prospects coming out of the UK.
There is a technical set up, too, that suggests further upward movement over the next few weeks, pushing us beyond 1.20 and possible back to 1.25.

TSEA recruitment Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol

Created: Thursday, 01 September 2016
Written by Julie Savill

TSEA is looking for a select band of professional sales-people who represent the very best in the industry.

In return we will supply quality sales leads, pay fair commission (on time, every time), and treat you as we would like to be treated ourselves.

If you are cynical, world-weary, negative, amateurish, unmotivated..........you need not apply.
Our clients would notice !!

Otherwise, we need a dynamic and entrepreneurial sales manager, soft-sell property consultants, and bright sparkly property listers.

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What next for TSEA?

Created: Wednesday, 31 August 2016
Written by Julie Savill

TSEA are looking for commercially minded people to work with throughout the Costas.
Experience, passion, and a genuine work ethic and desire to provide a service are not simply marketing words at TSEA. We mean it.
Contact our director of business development This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For a personal response, make your email stand out from the 2000 others he processes each week!

So much has happened!

Created: Wednesday, 31 August 2016
Written by Julie Savill

It’s hard to believe that The Spanish Estate Agent opened its doors in Estepona just 6 months ago.

Part of an established and successful european property group, TSEA has already exceeded its own ambitious start-up plans - plans that were formed when Brexit was but a twinkle in the eye of Boris.

The first satisfied clients have already taken possession of the keys to their new homes and local sellers are contacting the agency in encouraging numbers.

‘Our conversion rate from viewing trip to agreed deal is exceptional’, said Chloe Williams, Business Development Manager in Estepona.
‘It’s pretty straightforward; we like people, people like us, and we are every bit as good in reality as we look on the internet. We do what we say we will, and we are good at matching buyer with seller’.

If you are a buyer or a seller of property on the Costa del Sol, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

00 34 951 516 905

Or drop in to
Avenida España 250
See us on Google maps

Classic Spanish recipes: Drinking chocolate with churros

Created: Thursday, 25 August 2016
Written by Joscelyne Williams

This ubiquitous breakfast item is a cherished national treasure to be enjoyed mid-morning with freshly fried churros – or from frozen if you’re making this at home and don’t want to faff around with a fryer. If you’ve never tried true Spanish hot chocolate, you’re in for a treat!

Serves 4
200g plain chocolate, chopped
4 tsp cornflour
1 litre milk and/or water
3 tbsp sugar
Ground cinnamon (optional)

Place the chopped chocolate in a pan. Dissolve the cornflour in a little of the milk or water, then whisk into the remaining milk. Add to the chocolate with the sugar. Heat the mixture, whisking continuously to keep it smooth as the chocolate melts. As it begins to boil, remove from heat and keep whisking for 1-2 minutes. Thin with a little more milk or water if preferred, and pour into cups. Dust with cinnamon if desired.

For this and more delicious recipes see Janet Mendel's Traditional Spanish Cooking

Meet the team: Gem Morch

Created: Tuesday, 23 August 2016
Written by Julie Savill

I've gone from one extreme to another, growing up in the Philippines then marrying and moving to Norway where I lived for 14 years.  We had a holiday home on the Costa del Sol and 2 years ago moved here permanantly. It feels like home!

I speak Phillipino, English, Norwegian and Spanish and my 15 year old son is tri-lingual. 

Currently I live in Estepona itself and I love the weather on the Costa del Sol.

I've been involved in property sales for most of my time in Spain.  I'm hoping to speak to many of you as I get in touch with all new clients who contact The Spanish Estate Agent.

Exchange rate up

Created: Thursday, 18 August 2016
Written by Tim Williams, Finance Director
Strong UK retail sales stats issued at 10.30 have moved the exchange rate from 1.1550 to 1.1620 in about 5 minutes.


Arriba Espana!

Created: Sunday, 07 August 2016
Written by Alexandra Goss: Sunday Times

As comebacks go, the renaissance of the Spanish property market has to rank alongside this year’s Abba reunion or Boris Johnson’s phoenix-like rebirth from betrayed Brexit pariah to foreign secretary.

Whisper it, but Spain, one of the countries hardest hit by the global financial crisis, has become a safe haven, with the economy forecast to outperform both Britain and Germany this year, and Moody’s, the credit ratings agency, estimating that house prices will rise by 5% in 2016, “bolstered by economic improvements and the lowest mortgage rates since 2011”.

From the Sunday Times, 7/8/2016
To get two articles a week of your choice follow this link

Sold! By The Spanish Estate Agent!

Created: Saturday, 06 August 2016
Written by Julie Savill

Luxury frontline beach penthouse, Casares Playa area

4 pools, golf nearby

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to view similar properties!

Malaga homes made legal

Created: Sunday, 24 July 2016
Written by The Olive Press

UP to 30,000 Andalucian homes will be made legal following a Junta law change.
The reform in the LOUA (urban planning law) will regularise 10,000 homes in Malaga which were previously deemed illegal.
Homes built on rural land not identified in development will finally be added to the Registro Civil.
Many of the homes are in the Axarquia region and were bought ‘in good faith’ by expat owners, unaware that their properties were built on protected land.
Once regularised the homes will also be able to connect to the electricity grid as well as the local water mains.
Philip Smalley, President of Save our Homes Axarquía (SOHA), said he was overjoyed to ‘put an end to the uncertainty that they hundreds of familes have had to endure’.

Feature from The Olive Press

Apartment sold by TSEA!

Created: Sunday, 24 July 2016
Written by Julie Savill

Beach-side apartment, Estepona area

British buyer, British seller

Colours of the south

Created: Friday, 15 July 2016
Written by Julie Savill

If I had to sum up the style of this lovely part of Spain, it would be rich shades of terracotta, cool blues and crisp white; pots of geraniums hanging from the walls and patterned tiles on almost any surface. It’s a look that says summer, all year round.
Read more about the culture, the style and the history of the region in Andalucia by Michael Jacobs

Meet the team: Shirin Sharifi

Created: Tuesday, 12 July 2016
Written by Julie Savill

Shirin combines a multi­cultural approach with an in­depth knowledge of real estate on the Costa del Sol. Following her initial studies in law in the UK, Shirin has travelled Europe and the Middle East working on projects from real estate investment opportunities in the Cape Verde islands to working with a marketing consultancy in Dubai liaising between European agencies and Middle Eastern investors. After several years spent working in the Costa del Sol real estate market, Shirin brings a wealth of experience of locations, properties and investment opportunities to The Spanish Estate Agent.

Speaking fluent English, Farsi and Spanish as well as French and Italian, Shirin can be your point of contact to find the right property to suit your requirements. She has also worked on several renovation projects and can advise on how to make the most of your property on the Costa del Sol.

When she's not working, Shirin and her partner will be out walking their dogs or you'll see Shirin out on one of her long distance runs!

Meet the team: Louie Gray

Created: Tuesday, 12 July 2016
Written by Julie Savill

I moved down to sunny Estepona a year ago from not-so-sunny Liverpool. I cannot describe how much I love living here - the town itself is incredibly well maintained and decorated with flowers, and is very clean. The beaches are gorgeous, I love that I can make the most of them since it's always sunny - this wasn't the case with my hometown!
Aside from doing administrative work for The Spanish Estate Agent, I enjoy building computers in my spare time and am generally interested in IT, computers and the Internet.
I hope you come down to our office by the beach soon, I'm sure you'll love Estepona as much as I do!

What now for the British living in Spain?

Created: Thursday, 07 July 2016
Written by Tim Olson - Spain Buying Guides

Will Spain suffer as a result of the British vote? What will happen to property, healthcare and tourism for the current and future British living in Spain?

The world woke up to a new order on 24th June 2016. The United Kingdom had voted to leave the European Union, which will, no doubt, result in many changes affecting the whole world one way or another. Here in Spain the shock result resulted in the biggest fall in its stock market history, with Spanish companies in the UK receiving the biggest hit.

Read the full feature from Spain Property Guides

Brexit: Spain amongst top destinations for Brits buying abroad!

Created: Friday, 24 June 2016
Written by Julie Savill

The Costa del Sol is home to The Spanish Estate Agent and its multi-national team. Many of us are British and we have all been drawn to make our homes in this beautiful area.
The outcome of the referendum won’t change the long-standing appeal of stunning countryside, a slower but sociable lifestyle, realistically priced and affordable property and a warm and welcoming climate.
As the last results of the referendum came in, our first deal of the day was accepted. And so the day went on as we took enquiries about properties and talked to people who want to realise the dream of owning their own home in Spain.
Our friendly, professional team members are happy to share their local knowledge and experiences of living here. We look forward to helping you become the owner of that special property in Spain and offer the very best service from initial viewing to completion and beyond.
Email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book a call back at a time to suit you.

La Zagaleta – the most prestigious address in Europe?

Created: Wednesday, 08 June 2016
Written by Julie Savill

Once upon a time a beautiful hillside area above the coast of Puerto Banus on the Costa del Sol attracted the attention of forward thinking real¬ estate developers who had a dream of creating luxurious homes. La Zagaleta was born.

Fast forward 25 years and a 10 square kilometre area has become one of the most exclusive branded, luxury resorts in the world. The sports and golfing facilities are second to none.
With restaurant and catering services, lifestyle and entertainment opportunities, it is set amongst some spectacular mountain scenery. With its proximity to the vibrant marina of Puerto Banus, it is no wonder that La Zagaleta has a worldwide reputation as one of the most prestigious addresses in Europe.

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How much???

Created: Friday, 10 June 2016
Written by Tim Williams, Finance Director

By law property for sale in Spain must be clearly labelled to show the asking price. It should also show what the price indicated includes and excludes by way of fees. Fair enough.
Of course if it is for sale in Spain the price will be in Euros. There may be a financial convertor closeby on the advert showing the equivalent price in another currency. Helpful.
But is that enough?
As a guide, when you are browsing, say, property for sale in Estepona, it probably is. But currency exchange rates can fluctuate wildly, and if you need to buy euros to complete your property purchase, you would be advised to understand a bit about how it all works. You need not become an expert, however a friendly professional can make it a safe experience and save you a lot of money.
The thing is this (and perhaps it is obvious), but whilst the euro price stays the same, what that will eventually cost you in Sterling (or dollars, or whatever) is changing all the time.
With the appropriate advice, you can mitigate this fluctuation.
You wouldn’t buy anything else if you didn’t know the price.

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Easy Guide to Buying a Property in Spain

Created: Wednesday, 08 June 2016
Written by Chloe Williams

Whether you are looking to buy a large villa with a swimming pool, or a stylish apartment overlooking the beach, once you have found your dream property in Spain, you will need to think about the process for the actual purchase.
Luckily The Spanish Estate Agent is by your side every step of the way.

In order to make sure the purchase can go ahead as smoothly as possible, we recommend you have your finance plans in place as early as possible. This will help to avoid any disappointment when you find that wonderful townhouse being sold at an amazing price!
You ́ll also want to think about currency exchange – how many euros wil your pounds get? You can get a quote from a currency exchange specialist so you are up to date with what your budget really is.

Making an Offer
You can be assured that all the necessary legal documentation for the property will be checked by us as all our mandated properties have to comply with current Spanish law. We will then discuss with the vendor your offer for the property and discuss any special requirements which you may have – timescales for completing or including some pieces of furniture. It is always our aim to make sure an equitable agreement is arrived at.
To make sure your offer is accepted, your lawyer (we can advise on local experts if you don ́t have one) will meet you to discuss how to handle all the legal aspects of the purchase. He or she will ask you to pay a Reservation Deposit (typically 6,000€) into their escrow/client account and this will ensure that your property is taken off market straight away.

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A day trip to Africa

Created: Sunday, 05 June 2016
Written by Julie Savill

So, perhaps you are ready for a break from the process of buying a home in Spain.
Or you’ve collected the keys to your new villa on a golf course near Estepona and fancy doing something different.
Really - one can take a day trip to the next continent!!
With regard to booking a crossing, there are many offerings and it does pay to shop around.
Here is just one site that lists most if not all options for ferry crossings from southern Spain.
And of course it may be that a day trip feels a bit tight.
Relax - there is a whole world waiting to be discovered on the north African coast.

Before you go check out the Rough guide to Tangiers
Fancy doing it in style? Try Richard Branson's stunning hotel, Kasbah Tamadot, near Marrakech?

Talk to the locals at The Spanish Estate Agent for personal recommendations.

Meet the team: Tony Reddin

Created: Friday, 03 June 2016
Written by Julie Savill

I've lived on the Costa del Sol since the late 1980's and have witnessed enormous change.
I love it here. It has everything!
I have a real love of life and I proudly represented our area on Come Dine With Me
I am proud too, to be offering a totally professional service as a key member of TSEA.
I speak English and Spanish.
I will find you your dream home and look after all the important details to safeguard you - come buy with me!
You'll recognise me when we meet; I'm the one with the white glasses and the irritating ringtone

Meet the team: Chloe Williams

Created: Friday, 03 June 2016
Written by Julie Savill

Our family have owned property here for 12 years and we have latterly made the move ourselves to a place near the sea within easy reach of Estepona, Sotogrande and Malaga.
Before that we lived and raised our family in France, and the whole time we have been involved in providing a safe, friendly, professional service to people looking for their ideal property overseas and maybe a new life.
I am absolutely committed to respecting just what a big deal buying and selling property is.

I'm a keen sports fan and a bit of a culture vulture.

I speak English, French and Spanish and have some German and Welsh.

I hope to meet you in Spain.

A Viewing Trip to the Costa del Sol

Created: Friday, 03 June 2016
Written by Julie Savill

When the owners of The Spanish Estate Agent became aware that a client had flown all the way to Malaga from Manchester to view a particular villa for sale near Malaga, only to find it was already sold, they stepped in to help.
The local team of property consultants and researchers were mobilised to find an alternative, and 24 hours later had agreed all the detail of the purchase of a very cute property in the old town of Estepona.
They took her to the lawyer, the notaire and onwards to the airport. Then they refunded the cost of the flight.
'I know with property hunting you have to take the view that what is meant to be will be, but I do think the other agency could have warned me the property had sold. I am so grateful to The Spanish Estate Agent. They did a lot more than they had to'.
To speak to Tony or Chloe This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone +34 512 703 166

Natural wonders of the Costa del Sol

Created: Friday, 03 June 2016
Written by Joscelyne Williams

Everyone at The Spanish Estate Agent believes in enjoying life as much as possible.   When it's time to take a break from days lounging by the pool or on the beach, or you've had your fill of local cultural events and glitzy parties in Fuengirola or Puerto Banus, here are our 3 insider tips for exploring some of the natural beauty of the Costa del Sol. From pristine river pools to unbeatable views down gorges and valleys, leaving the tourist-track has never been so stunning. And it'll give you a break during a property viewing trip to decide just which villa or apartment you are going to buy!

Treasure Cave

La Cueva del Tesoro is the only marina-visited cave in Europe, and many treasures have been discovered within its walls, including cave paintings, pottery and objects from thousands of years ago. However, its name derives from the ancient story that recounts the existence of a hidden treasure put there for Ali Ibn Tasufin Almoravid, Emperor in the twelfth century. Can you find this age-old legend?

Bermejales Lake

About an hour and a half north of Malaga sits an enormous man-made lake called the Embalse de Los Bermejales, near some of the most attractive villages in the region. The water is calm, clean and warm. It is perfect for children to swim in, and they can have fun feeding the many - harmless - fish that call this lake their home. If you’re not convinced by the beautiful surroundings and tranquil atmosphere, try out the canoeing and sailing on the lake, or hiking and biking activities nearby.

Parque Natural Sierras de Tejada

This park is characterised by the white rocks whose brightness comes from the abundant marble in this zone. This mountainous area is dotted with pools of clear water and rocky gorges, as well as local fauna such as eagles and mountain goats. You won’t miss the spectacular waterfalls such as the Petrified Trees Falls (Los Arboles Petrificados), where the lime-rich water mineralized old tree trunks.


Pros and cons of Urbanizaciónes

Created: Wednesday, 01 June 2016
Written by Joscelyne Williams

On your search for property in Spain, you will surely have come across many properties that are part of a development - or urbanización - and you may have also wondered what that means for you.

Many of the Spanish villas for sale on the Costa del Sol that are part of a development offer many advantages because you pay community fees that go towards general upkeep, so you can enjoy a gorgeously groomed garden without having to get your hands dirty, as well as decoration and maintenance of buildings, water supply, insurance, and often a full-time concierge (portero).

These developments are often in prime locations with fantastic views across valleys and the Med, and offer many facilities such as golf courses, pools, gyms, bars, restaurants and tennis courts. Developments with golf courses are especially popular, as there is usually a discount on green fees, and the knowledge that no-one is going to build a house in front of yours and ruin your view!

Some more advantages include the chance to live in a community with close neighbours, reduced property taxes in comparison with detached homes, and increased security.

Whether your property search takes you to Calahonda, Marbella or Estepona, make sure that the community fees are not excessively high - ask the current owner if the level of maintenance reflects the cost of the fees. Make sure to ask about the rules and regulations of the development - they may, for instance, allow pets!

For more information on living in developments, visit this page on the Just Landed website.

The perfect apartments?

Created: Friday, 03 June 2016
Written by Julie Savill

The Spanish Estate Agent on the Costa del Sol is delighted to be able to offer holiday/investment properties in one of the most exciting tourist projects on the Costa del Sol. As part of a 120 million euro project, this 4-acre Crystal Lagoon development is the first of its kind in Europe and is designed to enhance the Costa del Sol, the world's third most visited tourist destination. This is your ideal opportunity to own an apartment set next to the massive lagoon ideal for swimming, kayaking and other water sports. Pioneering technology creates a sustainable environment where the apartment residents will enjoy beach-front living in a safe and secure natural landscape. All the apartments have beautiful, traditional interiors and modern facilities to make living here truly special. Although you may never want to leave the crystal clear lagoon, historic Estepona and beautiful Marbella are a short distance away, Malaga International Airport is only an hour's drive and Gibraltar airport is just half an hour. Either as a beautiful holiday home or an investment in one of the premier developments at the heart of Spain's sunshine coast, don't delay to book your viewing trip

Click here to take a tour

And learn a little more about the company behind the development

Testimonial for Tony Reddin

Created: Tuesday, 31 May 2016
Written by Julie Savill

To be a Property Consultant you need to be a great listener, an expert local tour guide, a dedicated personal assistant, an organisational whizz and did we mention a great listener? The best reward for all this?  That lightbulb moment when you walk into the property and you can see your client start to picture the dream coming to life.  Recent clients of Tony's, Steve and Sue, had spent a fruitless time viewing with one agency 'We weren't shown a single property that suited our search'.  Tony took them on a 2 day tour of villas and they now just have to decide which of the two favourties to buy.  'You've restored our faith in estate agents' they said.  


Don’t forget to vote!

Created: Tuesday, 24 May 2016
Written by Don Quay

Unless you have been entirely out of circulation you will be aware that the UK goes to the polls on 23rd June to make a once-in-a-generation decision on membership of the EU.

What you may not know is that UK citizens resident in Europe for less than 15 years can vote.

Here is the link, www.gov.uk/register-to-vote - highly relevant to those of us living in Estepona, Marbella, Sotogrande…………

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Schooling on the Costa del Sol

Created: Tuesday, 24 May 2016
Written by Joscelyne Williams

We meet plenty of people at The Spanish Estate Agent who are thinking of making a permanent move with their children. We recommend visiting the Spain Mum Abroad website, which has extensive information on schooling, tips, interviews with experts and locals who have made the move and successfully integrated their kids into local and international schools.

One of the first things that many people consider on their search for their new home on the Costa del Sol is the location in relation to the school they have in mind for their children. In Spain, access to state schools is regulated by a complex system of points, some of which are gained by living in a certain area. Therefore, if there is a particular school that you have an eye on, it would be worthwhile to ask them for a list of streets that fall within their catchment area.

If you want your children to have a bilingual education, this is available from both state schools and private international school. The main difference between the two is the curriculum - in state schools the Spanish national curriculum is always followed, while in international schools they may follow a different curriculum in Spanish and other languages, or the Spanish curriculum but in English, or another language. In any case, if you want your child to be exposed to Spanish in school you needn’t worry that they would miss out on this by going to an international school - they will be sure to speak the language with their Spanish classmates.


Ferias in Andalucia

Created: Thursday, 19 May 2016
Written by Joscelyne Williams

An essential aspect of summer life in the South of Spain is the frequent and lively celebration of fiestas of which there are over 3000 every year.

The summer fiestas are awaited with much excitement, and if you find that on your search for gorgeous villas for sale on the Costa del Sol you’re passing through a town that is celebrating a fiesta, make sure to find the public fairground of recinto ferial, where you will find an amusement park and casetas, which are tents set up by the town associations. These are often private and can only be accessed upon invitation, but if you ask politely you’re sure to be let in.

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Gibraltar airport

Created: Tuesday, 17 May 2016
Written by Don Quay

Gibraltar airport may just be a hidden key for many people house hunting on the Costa del Sol.

Direct flights to Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Luton, Gatwick and Heathrow via well known airlines offer easy access from anywhere in England.

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Meet the team: Tim Williams

Created: Tuesday, 17 May 2016
Written by Julie Savill

Tim is Finance Director of Beaux Villages Immobilier and its subsidiary company in Spain, The Spanish Estate Agent.
'Buying a property on the Costa del Sol is a dream for many Brits. The Spanish Estate Agent is based in sunny, friendly Estepona, about half way between Marbella and Gibraltar. Apartments in Estepona offer great value for British buyers and villas and townhouses throughout the Costa del Sol continue to be popular. Those looking for a rental income return on their Spanish property should look no further - The Spanish Estate Agent can find just the right property, whether it be on the beach, on the 18th green or with its own pool. We look forward to welcoming you to Estepona and the Costa del Sol!'
Tim is also a published author of work on quality processes in business.

Friendly advice on financial aspects of property purchase and sale freely available.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Created: Thursday, 14 April 2016
Written by Julie Savill

On 13th April 2016 The Spanish Estate Agent opened its doors in Estepona.

Part of the established European property group, Beaux Villages, The Spanish Estate Agent shares its parent company’s unrivalled ethos of complete customer care from initial enquiry through to completion – and beyond!

As the most influential estate agency in France, Beaux Villages. has built a team of over 120 motivated and experienced professionals selling properties priced from a few thousand euros to many millions.

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